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About Regal Products, Inc.        

At Regal Products, Inc., our experienced staff of engineers and
technicians, work as an integrated team with your design
engineers and operators to meet your most demanding induction
heating needs.

We are a valuable resource for your precision designed parts,
which require exact, repeatable induction hardening for wear and
high stress surfaces.

Since 1986, we have been designing and delivering energy
efficient, production oriented coils to ensure high quality parts on a
consistent basis.  Our coils are designed to deliver optimal
hardening depth with part to part consistency every time.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers by
continuing to maintain the highest quality standards, keeping our
production promises, and striving for excellence in every

For our customers who build or repair their own induction coils, we
also stock an extensive supply of materials.

Donald F. Renner

Donald W. Renner
Vice President

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